Sunday, June 29, 2014

One Year in Germany

Today marks one year in Germany.  In honor of my anniversary, here is my top 10 list from my first year here.

1. She said yes.  Hands down, the best moment of the year.

2. Finishing the marathon.  This is something I never really thought I'd do and it sucked a lot, but I am proud of myself for finishing.

3. Sleeping in a castle.  On Sara's first visit to Germany, we spent the night in a castle.  It was as awesome as it sounds.

4. A weekend in Paris.  You can't beat meeting your fiancee for a long Valentine's Day weekend in Paris.

5. Christmas Markets.  Probably the coolest thing in Germany.

6. Turkish Delight.  Istanbul is an amazing city.  I wish we had more time there.

7. Berlin.  I've made two trips up to the capital and it's an awesome, awesome place.

8. Friends visiting.  I've had a number of guests in my first year with Shelley and Shana in October, Sara a number of times, Chris and Monica this spring, Kyle, other Sara and Kristin this summer.  Frankfurt is always more fun when I have guests.  If you are reading this, make your plans to come out here in year two.

9. Vienna.  Lots of cool culture stuff and a great night out.

10. Thanksgiving in San Antonio.  Both our families together for the holiday.

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