Saturday, March 28, 2015

Zoo fun

Yesterday, a group of young officers volunteered to chaperone a zoo trip for an international kinderhaus.  Almost all of these kids are children of immigrants.  Some of them are born in Germany to immigrant parents while others came to Germany as children.  This is a distinction the kids regularly made themselves.  None of them speak German at home.

All of these kids were amazing - they're ability to communicate and play with each other, often without a common language was amazing.  They were also very forgiving of our minimal German.  It turns out my German is about on par with 8 year old German-Moroccan girls who speak only Arabic at home.  These two girls had me wrapped around their fingers.  They wanted to see the elephants, we went straight to the elephants.  Next up were the kangaroos.  They begged for ice cream, we broke down and bought them ice cream (I didn't cave first).  I think the kids had fun, but I KNOW that I had a blast.  I need to make more of an effort to spend time with local kids at each post.
These kids loved to give the peace sign in photos
Selfie on the bus home
Two weeks ago, I had a work event in Stuttgart and I decided to stay overnight and spend a day exploring the town.  The highlight of the weekend was the trip to the awesome Stuttgart zoo (way better than the Opel Zoo we went to with the kids).  My zoo had a ton of babies including some adorable baby giraffes.


These monkeys chased each other around this cage for 30 minutes - flying across these bars.


Baby chimps

Polar bear cooling off in the water

Giraffe and a Half

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