Sunday, June 12, 2016

I didn't drown

I finished the triathlon last week and most importantly, I didn't drown.  Although I probably didn't do as much training as I should have, I managed to complete the swim in about 25 minutes, which was five minutes faster than my goal.  For the most part, I alternated between freestyle and breast stroke, which helped me keep my breath while continuing to move.

Although the swim portion went faster, the bike leg went slower due to a leaky front tire.  I pushed through on a flat tire for most of the race.  Not fun, incredibly slow, but I still got done.

The run was the easiest part - just a 5K run.  For the first time all day, I actually managed to pass other racers (all of whom had already passed me on the bike, but still) for the first time all day.

I finished the whole race in just over 2 hrs.

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