Sunday, July 13, 2014


On Saturday, I went to the Bavarian city of Bamberg with Natalie and my visiting friends Kyle and Sara.  Bamberg is a cute little town known for having 9 breweries.  Given the uniformity of German beer, it was quite nice to have a bit of variety.  When we got into town, we parked and stopped at this brewery that makes smoked beer.  It had a vaguely bacon after-taste, which was interesting.  I don't think it would ever be my go-to beer though.  We also ate lunch there, where we tried the delicious stuffed onion.  It was quite yummy.

Customs house in the middle of the river.

Smoked beer
 After lunch, we stopped at a lederhosen shop and Kyle and I each bought a set of lederhosen.  Pretty sure we are wearing those out tonight for the Germany-Argentina World Cup Final.  We hit up about 3 or 4 more breweries and walked all around the very quaint town.  I'd definitely recommend Bamberg for a great day trip.

This dog was guarding the beer

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