Saturday, March 28, 2015


For my birthday, Sara surprised me with a trip to Amsterdam.  I had been to Amsterdam when I was 20 and I remembered having fun in the city.  Like everyone else, when I hear Amsterdam, I think coffee shops and the red light district.  Well, I am not 20 anymore and don't really care for coffee shops or the red light district.  It turns out that Amsterdam is still freaking awesome.  This city is amazing.  The canals are adorable and the architecture is great.  The city is very walkable.  Great food, great museums, friendly Dutch people, eclectic style.  Not sure what the housing situation is like in Amsterdam for FSOs, but if it isn't horrendous ro stuck in some boring suburb, Amsterdam jumped up to the top of our dream post list.

City Hall at Dam Square

Skinniest canal house in Amsterdam.  The owner walked out like two minutes after I took this picture.

Some famous building where students and artists have squatted for decades

The primary reason we went to Amsterdam this weekend was to visit the famed Keukenhof garden.  This is the largest spring garden in the world and features thousands of tulips and other flowers.  This was opening weekend and following a chilly winter and spring, not many of the flowers had bloomed yet.  None of the huge tulip fields were blooming, but the park was still gorgeous.

Check out the bee

Most of these photos taken by Sara

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