Sunday, September 1, 2013

Berlin in Pictures

I went to Berlin two weeks ago for work and stayed the weekend for fun.  I had a great time, met up with a number of friends from language training and A-100 and basically fell in love with Berlin (especially in comparison with Frankfurt).

Französischer Dom

Trabi Safari - you can rent these old East German cars to drive around Berlin.
This poor girl stalled out the car through two full lights.

Pergamon Museum - German archaeologists discovered ancient artifacts and
reconstructed whole, huge, structures.

Pergamon Museum - ancient market gate.  About 60% original pieces.

Bearlin has all of these statues throughout the city

TV tower - Alexanderplatz in East Berlin
TV tower close up

Berliner Dom (view from Alexanderplatz)

Sadly, I chose not to "basefly" off this 40 story hotel.  I am ashamed at myself.



The city bird of Berlin - the crane!

East Berlin building seen from Spree river cruise


Siegsaulle in the Tiergarten

Elephant entrance at the zoo

After work at the Brandenburg gate

Holocaust Memorial - Despite the fact that these stones look about the same height...

Some are much taller and shorter.  Walking down these paths is very disorienting.
The ground is uneven.  Noise carries weirdly.  People suddenly cross your path.  You can see forever
and nowhere at the same time.  Although completely inappropriate, it would make a fantastic location for
a tense chase scene in a thriller.

Street musicians in Potsdamer Platz

Pink pipes in Potsdamer Platz (apparently Berlin is built on a swamp and these pipes carry water to river).

Fancy car - a Bucati, I believe

Brandenburg Gate at night

Berlin Wall at East Side Gallery, plus a shoutout to my hometown of SHENandoah

Mural at East Side Gallery dedicated to those who lost their lives trying to cross the wall

Running at the Berlin Wall

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