Thursday, June 19, 2014

Czech it Out

A couple weeks ago, I spent a long weekend in Prague with my friends Kyle and Sara, who are traveling the world this year and Natalie.  We had a blast drinking the incredibly cheap, delicious beer, eating yummy, heavy food, and walking around the fantastic city.

Enjoy the photos.

Prague apparently has a thing for statues without faces

Old town square

Bit of a controversial statue

Again - no face

Prague castle on the hill across the river

Awesome vineyard

View from vineyard

Prague Cathedral

Prague Cathedral

They had these cool old car tours

Charles Bridge at night

Old Town Square at night

Old Town Square at night

Astrological clock in Prague

Old Town Square

Cemetery and Church

Gorgeous hot day had tons of people boating on the river
We competed in a room escape game, where we are locked in a room and have escape by solving puzzles and such.
The room has a 40% success rate.  We got out in around 45 minutes.

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