Saturday, December 7, 2013

Remember the Alamo (even if it's a bit disappointing)

My trip to the US concluded with a Thanksgiving celebration in Sara's hometown of San Antonio.  I had met Sara's mom and sister before, but only briefly.  So this trip was a chance to get to know them better and also for our families to meet, as my family also came in to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Some of the highlights (in no particular order)
  • Mexican food - oh my god, the food was so good.  I had Mexican three different times, including breakfast tacos (didn't even know this existed).  Delicious.
  • Discovering the source of some of Sara's habits.  I don't think I went more than a few hours without realizing that some random habit of Sara's comes from her Mom or sister.  The list making.  The 1,001 options on where to eat.  Lots of little things.
  • A bunch of us signed up for the 5k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning so we could eat without guilt all day.  More importantly, Shelley and I were both racing and I really wanted to beat her.  We started together and she took off out of the gate, sprinting ahead.  I kept her in my sights and worked over the next two miles to catch up.  As we passed the second mile marker, I caught up and we ran neck and neck for the next mile.  I would go ahead 10 feet and she would catch up, then she would surge ahead and I would keep pace.  With about 500 meters to go, I sprinted for the finish and didn't stop until I crossed the finish line, beating her by about 6 seconds.  My parents met us at the finish line (having missed seeing us finish by just seconds).  Shelley and I both set personal records.
  • Thanksgiving food.  Mmmmmm.
  • That Alabama-Auburn game.
  • Sara's aunt and uncle's house. This house was amazing.  Especially the man cave which featured a projection TV that, I swear, rivaled the screen in Jerryworld in Dallas.
  • Gambling on Thanksgiving.  Sara's family does a football pool for the Cowboys and my Dad managed to win both the halftime pot and the final pot in the Cowboys game.  Then Sara, Shelley, and my Dad all won some other games.  The Caniglia/Kusiak clan fleeced everyone else at the party.
  • Meeting the rest of Sara's family.  I got to meet Sara's dad, which was important to me.  I really enjoyed meeting her extended family as well.  Lots of fun people.
  • Watching football with my family - even though Nebraska lost, it was great to watch the game with my family.
  • The riverwalk - seriously cool place with tons of restaurants lining the shallow canal.  We took a boat taxi down the river and it was just awesome.  We also ate the best nachos ever while watching Auburn stun Alabama.
  • I should say the Alamo, but I was pretty disappointed in the historic monument.  It was small, dingy, crowded and not really worth all the fuss.

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