Friday, March 2, 2012

Hash Ball

One of my favorite events each year is the Hash Ball.  Basically, the members of the Hash and anyone else we can invite have a nice night out with dinner and dancing.  In traditional Hash style, we all get dressed up - with formal top and sporty bottom.  It's great, you get to look nice and dressed up, but still wear comfortable shoes.  This year was great fun, too.  I even won an award for Best Hash for the Scavenger Hash that we did last year.
Crash Test Dummy and Me

Me with Hairy Bread - two of the nominees for Best Dressed

Me with the Door Prize

Tilapia Taco and Imeldabait

Lamb Chop won the award for most hashes

The nominees for best dressed for the women

Tilapia Taco and me

Pretty sure they are singing "Poker Face"

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