Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Amazing Adventures of Cars and Caracol

I wrote this post over several times and I never really liked it.  Caracol Hash was a blast.  Lots of good times with old friends, new friends, and their kids.  We had a bit of car trouble when the car I was riding there in broke down on the way there and the car I was riding out in went into a ditch on a slick and muddy road.

But rather than try to poorly capture the adventure in words, I am going to just put up some photos.

Salina's car broken down on the highway
My first tent (and I set it up all by myself)

Bailey climbing the ruins

Kids!  Kids!  Everywhere!

I love how the light shines on the bottle

Max was so excited to explore the ruins and then show us what he discovered, like this bedroom

Luna loved exploring the ruins too

Luna was making friends

Mayan temple

View from the previous temple

Max climbing everywhere

More temples

Exhausted after the Hash

Camping out

Waking up early

Cool Mayan mask on one of the temples

I'm proud of myself for climbing up

This temple is so big that it has its own yard.  (Also, love the sky in this picture)

Did I mention that we saw monkeys?   
And then we went to a cave that has a beach

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  1. THAT is a fabulous HASH. Great photos with wonderful use of lighting. The beer snap had me giggling - looked like it could be a great advert!