Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bucket List Update

Called me Dad today and he yelled at me that I haven't updated the blog for a while and he was tired of seeing the same posts up there.  The past few weeks have been busy - especially at work.  I returned back to ACS and it has been one thing after another.  Deaths, arrests, crime victims and an extensive sex abuse case.  But, I can't really blog about that stuff.

Last weekend, I did go out to San Pedro for a fun weekend.  This is the first time I have gone during high season and you can really tell the difference.  Everywhere we went was busy.  I went with the newest consular officer, the consular intern and the intern's friend.  We had a good time and I got to hold a shark while snorkeling... again.  We also went SCUBA diving and got to hold a shark underwater.  This was pretty cool.  As always, the food was great.

Now, on with the Bucket List update
  • SCUBA dive with the whale sharks (Planned for May just after the full moon)
  • Caracol Mayan ruins (Scheduled for March 24)
  • Lamanai Mayan ruins (Obviously, I did not get to go with my parents because my Mom broke her arm (she is doing better, by the way), no current plans as of yet.)
  • (I should probably also make it to Altun Ha and Cahal Pech, but I won't cry if I don't go to these ruins) (no plans yet)
  • Visit the Toledo district (Town Hall still scheduled)
  • Participate in La Ruta Maya (either as a paddler or a support team member) (This is coming up in two weeks).
  • Belize zoo (No plans yet).
  • St. Herman's Cave (Haven't even made plans)
  • ATM Cave (Scheduled for last weekend, then postponed until today, now postponed until March 10.)
  • Visit Cancun or other part of Mexican Riviera (No real plans, but maybe at Easter?)
  • Visit one more Central American country (preferably Costa Rica) (So, right now I have narrowed down my trip to either (a) Argentina and Uruguay, (b) Peru, or (c) Costa Rica.  Obviously, if I go to CR on my big trip, I will meet this goal.).
  • Turn 30! (Sent out the invites to my birthday party today!)

Hope your happy now, Dad.


  1. I love that you were getting hassled by your dad!
    You've got a lot of great plans coming up. I recommend Costa Rica, especially the Tabacon Hot Springs...AMAZING!

  2. thank you Al but it was about time try not to let it happen again