Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life's Not Fair

My Mom has always told us life's not fair, she apparently set about proving it this week.

I had been looking forward to having my parents visit me this week for months - since before Christmas when I bought the tickets.  I had the whole week planned out - I would work Monday and Tuesday, while they did short day trips from Belmopan.  Then, on Wednesday, we would go to Mountain Pine Ridge to see the waterfalls I saw last week.  Thursday, we'd take a rive cruise to the ancient Maya temple of Lamanai.  We'd spend the weekend at the beach in Hopkins.  Mom and Dad would get to meet most of my friends.  A great weekend.  What is it that they say about the best laid plans?

Yesterday, after we had gone to the Iguana farm in San Ignacio, my Mom fell in the lobby of a hotel and broke her arm.  Although we first thought it might just be a separated shoulder (painful, but not serious), it turns out she broke her humorous (HAHA) bone near the shoulder.  Moreover, the bone is slightly displaced, which means she will likely need to have surgery.  The doctor (after the initial x-ray showed it was broken, we went to see a specialist in Belize City) recommended that she cut the vacation short and go home to get treatment immediately.  So, her and my Dad left this morning :(

The whole situation sucks.  It sucks that she broke her arm and is in pain.  It sucks that they had to go home early.  It sucks that I barely spent any time with them.  It sucks that my Mom came to Belize twice and never got to see Mayan ruins.  It sucks that my Dad didn't get to swim in the Caribbean.  It sucks that this is just one more bad thing to happen to my parents over the last 6 years or so.  They're good people, they deserve a break.

Mom and Dad going ziplining
Still smiling - looks like they had fun

Dad and Mom at Pasquales

Visiting the Embassy

Yep, that is a giant Iguana on my shoulder

Dad is holding Roxy

Holding the Iguanas

Dad with the baby iguanas

Me (covered with baby iguanas) and Mom

After we got Mom into a chair, I asked her if I should take a photo.  She said I should have taken one while she was still on the ground.  I told her she could get back down and we would take the photo then, but she declined.

Leaving the hospital


  1. That's so sad! I'm sorry that your mom got hurt and and that she had to leave. I hope they can come back before you leave.

  2. Oh, how horrible! It is good that she received great medical care and advice even though it totally stinks that it happened at all, and in the middle of visiting you especially. Praying for a speedy recovery and an opportunity to return and complete the fun that you had all started.

  3. That's awful. It looks like you had a few laughs while they were there, though.

  4. Sorry to hear about that. What an unfortunate experience... for BOTH of you! Hopefully there's a next time in the future.