Friday, January 6, 2012

The story I didn't tell

I had an absolutely fantastic Christmas break home with my family.  But, the trip did not start off so well.  After driving an hour from Belmopan to the airport, I went to check in and realized that I had left my passports at home.  Yep, the guy who issues visas and handles passports everyday left his passports (I even have TWO) in his sock drawer.

I immediately called my friend Kevin, who agreed to break into my house, grab my passport and speed toward the airport.  I then spoke with the check-in guy at Continental and explained the situation to him.  He told me that if I could be there with my passport by 12:20 for my 12:33 flight, he'd get me on the plane.

I decided to meet Kevin half way in Hattieville as I could drive back to the airport faster.  Once I got the passport from Kevin, I drove faster than I ever have in Belize.  I broke every traffic rule I know about in Belize and several that I am not entirely sure even exist in Belize.  When I drove past the runway, I could see my plane still on the ground loading passengers.  I made it back to the check-in counter at 12:45 - twelve minutes after the flight was supposed to take off.

I managed to get the guy I talked to before out to the check-in counter and he took pity on me.  Despite the fact that I was 25 minutes later than he told me I could show up and despite the fact that they had already "closed" the flight in the computer, he let me on the flight.  He even escorted me through immigration and security so I could skip the (admittedly short) line.

So, Christmas came early for me - thanks to some overly-helpful Continental employees.

And yes, I know I am an idiot for forgetting the passport.

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