Monday, January 16, 2012

Bucket List Update

Now that I am down to five months, an update on the Bucket List is required:

  • SCUBA dive with the whale sharks (Planned for May just after the full moon)
  • Caracol Mayan ruins (There was a Caracol Hash planned for next weekend, which was postponed until an as yet unknown date)
  • Lamanai Mayan ruins (Planning to go there with my parents in two weeks)
  • (I should probably also make it to Altun Ha and Cahal Pech, but I won't cry if I don't go to these ruins) (no plans yet)
  • Visit the Toledo district (We do have a Town Hall meeting planned in Punta Gorda this spring.  I may extend that and stay the weekend?)
  • Participate in La Ruta Maya (either as a paddler or a support team member) (I went out on the river with some of the paddlers and determined that I will not actually be doing this as a paddler, but there is a good chance that I will be one of the support crew).
  • Belize zoo (Planned on doing this yesterday with my friend Kevin and his boys, but it rained, so I still haven't done it).
  • St. Herman's Cave (Haven't even made plans)
  • ATM Cave (No concrete plans yet)
  • Visit Cancun or other part of Mexican Riviera (No real plans, but maybe at Easter?)
  • Visit one more Central American country (preferably Costa Rica) (Had thought about doing this for Easter, but was told that CR is not good at Easter.  An A-100 friend may visit here for Easter or we have also talked about Mexico or El Salvador).
  • Turn 30! (Time still moves on).

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