Monday, October 25, 2010

Rock me like a Hurricane part II

I should let you know that I wrote last night's post when I thought the storm was over, but it was really during the eye of the storm.  So, we had to go through everything all over again.  Did you know that the wind blows a different direction on the backside of the hurricane.  Kind of cool.  Well, here are the promised pictures.

Tree hit my house

Tree took out the monkey bars

Tree pulled up by the roots
Trees snapped like twigs

My driveway this morning

Tree on top of my house

The tree came up by the roots.  Good thing we have strong concrete houses as I was sitting right  inside the white door.

Somehow the random circus tent that has no purpose or owner remained standing with minimal damage.

The extent of the damage to my house after the tree was removed.

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