Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Keeping busy

I am a person who likes routine.  When I do things, I find a way that works and I tend to repeat them.  This is true at work and at home.  That is not to say I am not spontaneous.  I once stood at an airport and looked up at the departures board to decide where I would go for Spring Break (we flew to Nice and then took a train to Barcelona).  But once I find a way of doing something, I tend to stick to it.  My life in Belmopan is no different.

Tonight was the Tuesday Tumble - a walk/run around Belmopan's ring road followed by dinner at my friend's pizzeria.  Tomorrow is the Pig and Parrot - the bar at the British High.  Thursday is for La Cabana which is the club in town and is usually hopping on Thursday nights.  On Friday and Saturday nights, there is usually a party at someone's house - either someone from the Embassy or Belmopan Party Central.  Every other Saturday is the Hash House Harriers.  (Saturday and Sunday are also for football).  Finally, Monday nights are game night at Kevin and Beth's.

The ironic part is that these are all just variations of a theme.  Each night is usually the same people in some combination at a different location.

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