Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Massacre in Indianapolis

As a college football fan employed in the Foreign Service, my opportunities to see my favorite team - Nebraska -  live and in person are few and far between.  While in Belize, I managed to sneak up to Dallas for the last Big 12 Championship to watch Nebraska blow a 17 point lead and lose to Oklahoma.  Earlier this year, I traveled to Chicago and watched the Huskers implode for three quarters only to complete an impressive fourth quarter comeback.

After Nebraska beat Michigan to take the lead in its division, I bought a plane ticket to Indianapolis hoping the Huskers would make to the Championship.  After they beat Minnesota three weeks ago, I invited my girlfriend, Sara, to go to the game with me.  I waited until we secured our Division championship to book a hotel room or buy game tickets.  With all of my worry about making it to the game, I didn't honestly worry about what would happen in Indianapolis.

I arrived late Friday night and watched football in a sports bar before returning to my hotel.  Sara arrived on Saturday morning and we set out to explore downtown Indy.  I have to admit that Indy surprised me in how awesome the downtown area was.  Lots of old architecture with intricate stone masonry and old brick.  Seemed to be early 1900s design refurbished for the 21st Century.  Tons of bars and restaurants and the weather was fantastic in the low 60s.  Our favorite bar was the "Slippery Noodle Inn", which doubles as both a sports bar and a blues bar.  All the bars in Indy were huge and this was no different with probably five or six rooms and an unexplored basement and second floor.

The stadium was pretty cool as well.  It was no JerryDome in Texas, but it was still pretty cool.  Our seats were fantastic, 11 rows up from the field at about the 10 yard line.  Unfortunately, we were in the Wisconsin section, which proved to be a dumb idea.

The game started bad with a quick Wisconsin TD, followed by a pick-6 on our first play.  Two minutes into the game, we were down 14 points.  I actually was not real upset at this point.  We had made several comebacks during the season and I had confidence we could do it again.  After a fantastic scramble by QB Taylor Martinez for a 70 yard TD, I thought we were in business.  Instead, the wheels came off.  Wisconsin turned a 14-10 game into a 42-10 by the end of the half and it was basically over.  An interception on our first drive to start the second half only sealed the deal.  For the first time in my life, I left a Nebraska game early.  The final score was 70-31!

We made our way to a bar to wallow in our misery (not that Sara cared all that much...she felt bad for me, but she is an Aggie, so her heart had not just been broken by the Huskers again).  The next day, we ate a late breakfast before checking out.  We wandered around downtown Indy a bit more and shopped in the mall before catching our flight back to DC.  Indy was a cool enough city that I had a good time despite the fact that my team got its ass kicked.
Cool obelisk downtown is dressed up as a Christmas Tree

The very cool "Slippery Noodle Inn"

Outside the stadium before the game (hence the smiles)

Holding a random NCAA trophy

Our seats were awesome, for whatever that was worth.

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  1. Your weight loss is showing - just looking at pics from a few months ago, you can really see the difference. Congrats!