Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Christmas where Mom tried to burn down the house

So far, my Christmas vacation has been fabulous. I got in late Friday after a couple of pretty chill days of German. I did all of my Christmas shopping over a few hours on Saturday afternoon before meeting my parents, plus Katie, Paul, and Richelle for a movie (This is 40, which was hilarious) and dinner.  On Sunday, I went and played poker at the casino and then met back up with my parents.

Monday morning, I accidentally slept in as I thought my alarm was on east coast time - whoops.  We made our way over to Shelley's for Christmas Eve. Besides the five in our family, we also had Katie's husband Paul, Shelley's boyfriend Jeff, and Tom, my dads former coworker who had fallen on some rough times.   We played guitar hero (Shelley is really awful at this game) and scene it on Jeff's Xbox.  While we were playing games, mom was making some snacks. She accidentally turned on the wrong stove burner and caught two plastic cake pan lids on fire, filling the house with smoke. No one was hurt and the plastic lids were the only casualties of the incident, but I am pretty sure this will always be the Christmas mom tried to burn down the house.

For dinner, we went traditional Italian with my dads fantastic lasagna. Shelley made a great salad and Paul added delicious garlic bread. The dinner really was delicious.  Our family tradition is to open presents from each other on Christmas Eve. We go one at a time from youngest to oldest. Until a few years ago, Katie always got to go first, but then she started dating and then married a younger man, so now paul gets to go first.  I walked away with a bunch of new clothes, which I desperately needed, a new camera, as well as tickets to a suns game tomorrow and the Buffalo Wild Wings bowl game on Saturday.

I woke up early on Christmas morning to see what Santa had brought. For years, Santa has abandoned traditional stockings and instead leaves our gifts in large gift bags. The last two years, Santa has gotten significant help from various family members. So, this year, I helped Santa get Paul's presents and Paul returned the favor.  Santa brought socks and underwear and deodorant, as well as a CD and DVD, plus a puzzle and a few other small things.

I went out for a short run this morning. When I got back to Shelley's, mom began to make french toast for breakfast. So yummy. Soon, Tom turkey went into the oven and we started to play scene it again. I dominated the game so much that I took a break so that someone else could win. Christmas dinner was just awesome with turkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing (I don't like stuffing) and all the rest.

After the post-dinner nap, we packed up mom and dads car and made our way up to Prescott valley  it took us over an hour just to get out of Phoenix from Shelley's house. It is way to cold in PV to still be in Arizona. Brr.

I still have another four days of vacation here, but this trip so far has been fantastic. Except for the part where mom almost burned down the house.

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