Thursday, May 13, 2010

Packout and beyond

You would think the second packout would be easier.  You would be wrong.  Most of the problems with my packout stem from three facts - (1) I had to work all week, including today; (2) not everything in the apartment is mine; and (3) I have to live out of a suit case for the next three weeks.

When I packed out in February, I had the whole week off before the movers showed up because of the snow storm.  That allowed me the time to sort everything properly.  This time, I was working all week.  Plus I went out with my friends a few times (it will be years until I see them again).  The topper was that I needed to do my packout today and I had class today until 330.  I tried to get them to show up as late as possible, but the latest they could come was 130.  Fortunately, my friend and neighbor David, was nice and agreed to let the movers in.

Everything went smoothly, except for the slight detail that they put all of my UAB stuff in HHE boxes and filled up the UAB boxes with a random 250 lbs. of HHE.  Very fortunately, I found this out and was able to get all of my UAB into the proper boxes.  Hopefully, it shows up properly.

I mentioned having to live out of my suitcase for three weeks because tomorrow I leave for vacation.  Whoooohooo.  I am spending the weekend in Vegas with my family, then 2 days in LA with my cousin and his wife.  After LA, I go to Phoenix for 3 days to spend time with my family.  Then, next weekend I will fly to Omaha to meet with some extended family.  Saturday, one of my best friends from high school is getting married in Nebraska City.  Then, Monday morning, I will fly back to DC to start my week of consultations.

I will finally leave DC again on June 1.  I spend a day and a half in Miami for DHS consultations and then finally 3 weeks from today, I will arrive at post.


  1. hey Al, I've always heard that during A100/training afterwards you can not take any vacation. how did you swing it?
    sorry the packout was rough. hope it won't affect you too much in the long run.

  2. It's Friday, time for the weekly State Department Blog RoundUp - and you're on it!

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