Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fun with family

I am enjoying my relaxing week with my family.  I started off last weekend celebrating my sister's 30th birthday with my family in Vegas.  My family and I love Vegas.  We are gamblers.  In fact, we are usually so busy gambling that we often fail to enjoy of any of the other fun things that Vegas has to offer - shows, clubs, shopping, etc.

With that in mind, I decided I would go with my sisters out to a club on Friday night.  My younger sister Katie had a friend who had an ex-boyfriend who was a promoter who said he could get us a free table and free vodka at Vanity, a club at the Hard Rock.  We picked up my older sister Shelley's friend, a fellow flight attendant on an overnight in Vegas, and made our way to the club.  Katie's guy flaked out on us, but Shelley's friend had met some guys on the plane who were headed to the same club.  I pretended to be some guy named Sean and we got into the club.  As soon as we were there, I realized it was not the place for me.  While the eye candy and people watching was entertaining, I was feeling twice my 28 years.  Nevertheless, I bought a $9 beer while my sisters drank $13 cocktails.  The girls met up with the guy I impersonated.  As they were getting a table (with $800 grey goose bottle service), I made my way back home.

The rest of the weekend was great.  I won several hundred dollars at craps, broke even on slots and lost at blackjack and other card games.  All told, the entire weekend - including food, drinks, gambling, flight, transportation, and hotel cost me $300.  Pretty good weekend if you ask me.

I had to cancel my trip to LA, so I went straight to my parents house in Phoenix.  I've relaxed at home for a few days, had some good meals, played some cards with my family (I WON!), did some shopping, and slept in.  This weekend, I have 25 members of my extended family meeting me for dinner in Omaha on Friday.  Saturday, I will be attending my friend Kris's wedding and meeting some of my high school friends - including Betsy who has spent the past year in Tanzania!

Then, Monday morning, I will fly back to DC for my consultations.

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  1. So glad you're out and about enjoying family.

    Loved hearing about your club experience.

    Let's see... I'm 36 years old, so if I ever found myself in a club,
    I would look and feel about 90! LOL!