Saturday, May 8, 2010

Help me name my car

Everyone seemed so interested in all of the stuff that I was packing for Belize, so I thought I'd share my latest purchase.  It's a 2006 Jeep Liberty Renegade.

My last car - a 2000 Ford Focus - was good to me.  I got it during my senior year in college.  It survived law school and my move to DC.  I moved it across the country about 3 times.  It had its problems (mainly tires), but it was a good car.

This new SUV will be going with me to Belize and it needs a name.  So, please leave your suggestions in the comments below.


  1. The Belize Breeze

    (sorry, that's all I've got - we have to buy a car before we leave and I'm dreading it)

  2. Herbie Husker or the Red Stallion Just an Idea. Shelley :)

  3. when I first saw the caption and picture, for some reason "Jackie" sprung into my head. Further contemplation,"Rhoda".
    I like that. Rhoda.

  4. It’s been two years already and my suggestion wouldn’t matter now but still, who knows? You might need another name in the near future. By the way, is your car a he or a she? Anyway, the first name that popped in my head is “Jomce”.

    -Timmy Radloff