Friday, January 1, 2021

2021 Goals

 After a challenging 2020, with more challenges awaiting in 2021, my word for the year is "Support."  In addition to all the COVID issues, we are having a new baby this week and moving to Guadalajara in the summer.  Sara will (barring a telework miracle) leave her job and Jack will start kindergarten.  Lots of changes coming up and it will be important for us to support each other.

Professional Goals 

  • Score a 3/3 in Spanish, with a stretch goal of a 3+ in reading.
  • Move the family to Guadalajara and settle into a new job
  • Get promoted (unlikely this year coming out of Spanish)
Personal Goals
  • Have a healthy baby boy
  • NOT get COVID
  • Get vaccinated before moving to Mexico
  • Bond with new baby during 12 week parental leave
  • Read 8 books (including 2 in Spanish)
  • Potty train Crosby (Crosby's potty training has been delayed by a combination of some minor medical issues, toddler stubbornness and parental laziness).
  • One of the highlights of 2020 has been playing an online board game called Diplomacy.  It is uber nerdy, but I've really enjoyed it.  My goal for 2021 is to win five solo victories.
  • Watch two sunrises and two sunsets
  • Celebrate Sara's 40th birthday in most awesome way possible
Exercise Goals
  • In 2020, I rode about 2300 total miles on the Peloton (destroying my goal of 1000 miles).  I recently learned that the United States is 2755 wide, so my 2021 goal is to ride across the USA
  • Complete at least two 30 day workout streaks on Peloton
  • Lose 15 lbs (weight of 218 by end of 2021)
  • Ride RAGBRAI (if COVID allows)

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