Thursday, December 31, 2020

Recap of 2020 goals

Here is 2020's goal sheet and my annual accounting.  Obviously, there were a few unexpected issues this year challenging my ability to complete some of these goals.

2020 goals

Exercise goals

  • Achieve a 30 day streak on Peloton
    • I met this goal twice.
  • Work out every week on Peloton
    • I am now up to an 80 week streak on Peloton.
  • Ride 2020 RAGBRAI (bike ride across state of Iowa)
    • This may be my biggest personal cancellation of 2020.  I had joined a team and was set to ride RAGBRAI, but COVID cancelled it.  I have small hope for 2021 RAGBRAI happening, but I will eventually meet this goal.
  • Bike 1000 miles (cumulative)
    • I killed this goal, riding over 2,300 miles on my Peloton alone.  They also tracked total minutes working out and I clocked in at over 8,000 minutes for the year.
  • Complete a 10k or longer road race
    • Signed up for Cherry Blossom race, but had it cancelled due to COVID.
  • Reach goal weights of 220 (March), 210 (July), 200 (November) and then maintain weight from November to new year. 
    • I was slightly on target to meet this in February, but by March, I was going the wrong direction.  I peaked in July and have come down about 7-8 lbs since then, but have really struggled with eating this year.
Travel/Entertainment goals
  • Travel to three new places (city/state/country)
    • Gettysburg, PA
    • Outerbanks, NC (technically, I had been here before, but I'm counting it)
    • I also got in a January trip to Phoenix, a February work trip to Dubai, with a side trip to Italy (right as the pandemic hit), and a Thanksgiving trip to San Antonio).
  • Read six books
    • My completed 2020 books in order of favorites
      • The Dutch House - Ann Patchett
      • Girl, Woman, Other - Bernadette Evaristo
      • A Visit from the Goon Squad - Jennifer Egan
      • Nickel Boys - Colson Whitehead
      • The World as It Is - Ben Rhodes
      • White Fragility - Robin DiAngelo
      • ------
      • Executive Orders - Tom Clancy (a reread from high school that got worse with my age/education/government experience)
      • The Rooster Bar - John Grisham (I love Grisham, but this book was crap).
  • Attend two college/pro football games
    • NOPE
  • Attend two concerts/shows
    • NOPE
  • Attend at least one Husker game
    • NOPE
  • Take Jack to his first football game
    • NOPE, but I got the kid hooked on football, so there's that
  • Find regular board gaming group
    • Didn't find an in-person group, but joined an online board game site for a game called "Diplomacy", which I have really enjoyed playing this year.
  • Watch two sunrises/sunsets 
    • YES
Professional goals
  • Find a good/interesting gap assignment 
    • Changed plans due COVID/baby
  • Professional goals not for public blog
    • NOPE
  • Volunteer for 2020 presidential campaign
    • NOPE, I never quite pulled the trigger, though I did attend a few meetings and a rally back in the primary season.
Financial goals
  • Finalize student loan forgiveness
    • YES - YEAH!!!!
  • Pay off credit cards
    • YEP
  • Amass specific savings goal (not for publication). 
    • YEP

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