Saturday, April 26, 2014


Obviously, Oktoberfest is the most famous of Germany's festivals and fairs, but one of the surprises to living here is how often one of these things occurs.  Right now, we are in the middle of the Spring Dippemass - which allegedly has some historical and cultural origin, but is really just a state fair.  Nonetheless, I gather a group of friends and we made our way to ride some thrill rides, drink some beer, and eat delicious German fair food.  And German fair food is awesome!
Chilling at the fair

This ride doesn't look so bad

Oh boy!

I want off now

On your marks

Pulling ahead

Clearly I have this won

Massive comeback by Natalie, but I still win by a toe

Reyna taking on the games

I loved watching the Germans drive bumper cars.  They basically went around in orderly circles,
AVOIDING bumping into each other.  

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