Sunday, June 16, 2013

Just an awesome weekend

I just had an absolutely awesome weekend.

Friday night, high school buddy Brandon and I drove to West Virginia to do some gambling at the casino there.  We've discussed playing some craps together for a while and finally got the chance to do so.  We then proceeded to play at the hottest craps table I have ever seen.  The first roller threw the dice for about 20-30 minutes and it took two hours for the dice to make a lap around the table.  We only left the table (up about $250) because we wanted to play in a 7 pm poker tournament.  

The tournament was a bit pricier that I would normally play because each player had a $100 bounty.  If you knock out a player, you get his $100 bucks to keep.  This style of tournament highly rewards aggressive players (which unfortunately I am not).  Brandon played as well, but got knocked out pretty early.  I won a couple of decent pots in the first two hours, but found myself shortstacked with just around 10,000 chips (what we started with).  I got Q-10 suited in good position, moved all-in, was called and more than doubled up to around 23,000.  A few hands later, I got pocket Aces in the small blind with 1,000/2,000 blinds.  The button raised to 10,000 and I moved all-in, as I would be happy to win the pot right now.  The big blind called all-in for about 17k and then the button called all-in for about 22,000.  They turned over 7-10 hearts, and 10-Q offsuit (not sure why either called) and although I had to sweat out a flush draw, I tripled up and won $200 cash for knocking both of them out.  Amazingly, two hands later (before I had even finished stacking my chips) I got pocket Aces again.  This time, I won the hand pre-flop.  

My newfound chips allowed me to actually play poker again and I did pretty well for a while.  When we were down to around 14 players, I moved all-in with A-5 suited hoping to get the rest of the table to fold.  I was called by A-Q and sucked out with a 2 to river a straight.  In the end, I finished in 6th place winning $594 (plus $200 for the bounties).  Not a bad trip to West Virginia.

On Saturday, I ran 5 miles around the Mall and the White House before meeting Sara and some of her friends for a pool day.  Sara's college roommate Jess (who is awesome) was visiting this weekend and we had an awesome day hanging out at the pool.  We had some friends over to Sara's for a cookout and then spent the later part of the evening singing karaoke at a shitty Japanese bar.  After sleeping in late this morning, Sara, Jess, and I went for a 3 mile run, then had a delicious lunch at Matchbox.

Simply a great weekend.

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