Thursday, June 20, 2013


After another month of studying German, I passed my language test today.  The test itself went quite well and I walked out of the exam feeling pretty good.  The readying portion had definitely gone better than last time and the speaking part seemed about the same (perhaps slightly poorer).  And then I waited...and waited...and waited...and worried.  Last time, they had my decision in about 10 minutes.  I really didn't think today's performance was a close call.  I thought it was a solid 3, with no chance at a 3+, but they kept me waiting and waiting and waiting.  Finally, after more than 30 minutes, they came out to get me to give me the results.  I got my 3/3 and that was that.

I leave for Germany on Wednesday next week and I have a bunch of things to do between now and then.  In the next few weeks, this blog should get interesting again as I will be experiencing new and interesting things once again.

Auf Wiedersehen.