Thursday, May 2, 2013

Great Urban Race

Last weekend, Sara and I joined two friends, Sean and Kaitlin, to participate in the Great Urban Race.  Modeled on the Amazing Race, the event requires teams of up to four people to 12 clues for different places around town and complete some silly tasks at each location.  None of the tasks were super challenging, but making our way around town by foot and by bus proved to be more time consuming than I had expected.  (No private vehicles, taxis, bikes, horses, or rollerblades were allowed).  We finished in about the top half of the participants, but we really had a great time.
Clue #2 - Walgreens Chinatown.
Purchase and donate two items to Ronald McDonald House

Clue #6 -  Cowgirl Creamery Chinatown
Place a cracker on your forehead and maneuver it into
 your mouth without using your hands

Clue #1 - Red Velvet Chinatown
Smear frosting on one teammate's forehead and the
other teammates must get a marshmallow to stick


Clue #9 - Crime and Punishment Museum Chinatown
Count the handcuffs surrounding Ted Bundy's car

Clue #4 - Newseum Penn Quarter
Make an origami swan

Sean spent most of the time we were doing the first clues watching a
video on his phone on how to make the origami swan.  

Clue #8 - Pound Coffee House Capitol Hill
Smell and identify five different coffee flavorings

Clue #5 - Labyrinth Games Capitol Hill
Count the number of dogs, super heroes and skateboarders in the Where's Waldo
type posters.  This would have been real hard, except Sara flirted with the judge and
he basically gave her the answer. 

Clue # 7 - Wiseguys Pizza Union Station
Toss some pizza dough

Clue #12 - Sara's house Shaw
We had to complete three of nine options on a tic-tac-toe board.
This one required us to take a picture with the Justin Timberlake  CD

Clue # 10 - Miss Pixie's Logan Circle
Hold a trantula

Clue # 3 - The Bike Rack Logan Circle
Remove and replace bike tube.
Sean did this in about 30 seconds.

Clue #12 - near Foggy Bottom
As part of the Tic-Tac-Toe, we had to take a picture with
someone wearing George Washington University gear.

Finished - Great time had by all

Thanks to Kaitlin and Sean for inviting me to join you guys, I had a blast.

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