Sunday, May 19, 2013


Well, I failed my German test on Friday.  I had said all along, that if I had a good day (25% chance), then I would pass.  If I had a bad day (25%), I would fail.  If I was somewhere in the middle (50%), then it would be a toss up.  I did the speaking portion of the test first and I had a good day, close to a great day.  And then the reading portion happened.  I just BOMBED this part of the test.  I had the gist of the article, but I could not figure out any of the details.  Just a God-awful performance and I knew it.  The second article was better (but still not good).  During the ten minutes the testers were discussing my score, I debated whether I would get a 2 or 2+ on the reading portion.  They were generous and gave me the benefit of the doubt.

My performance was so bad that one of the teachers, who had worked with me several times on reading in the last two weeks, asked what in the world happened.  He was genuinely surprised by how badly I had done (as was I).

So, I am extended about four weeks before I test again.  I let Post know about the delay, but haven't received a reply yet.  I am on language probation, so a waiver is not an option.  Hopefully an extra month can get me over the hump.  The bad part is that I have to test both sections again, so it would be possibly to pass the written part next time, but fail the speaking portion.

The bright side is that I get to stay here a bit longer and spend some more time with Sara.  I should get to go to a concert or two that I otherwise would have missed.  I am always trying to find silver linings.

I also ran a 10k this morning and set a couple of personal bests.  My 10k time was 1:03.12, which is four minutes faster than my 10k split from the Cherry Blossom 10 miler.  I also ran my fastest 5k by about 90 seconds.

Original statistics - Current Statistics
Weight - 285 lbs - 230 lbs (55 lbs down)
Pant size - 42x30 (which are a bit tight) - 38x29 (but these are now loose on me, so would likely buy 36x29 if I were to buy more new pants)
Longest run without stopping: 90 seconds - 6.2 miles (10k) in 1:03.2

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