Monday, May 28, 2012

(Literally) The Longest Day Ever

It's ten o'clock on Monday night and I am sitting in the San Francisco airport waiting for the red eye to Dallas. I had an awesome trip to hong kong, which I hope to post about in the next week. But first, I need to point pit that today is literally the longest day of my life. I finished my beer and said good bye to Aaron and Brianne at midnight Sunday night/Monday morning. That was thirty-six hours ago... And I still have three more hours until Tuesday. Fortunately, I put all the extra hours to good use. I have spent the day walking around San Francisco. For years, my parents have always said it is their favorite American city and I can see why after walking around all day. Too hilly for me to ever live here (I struggled up some of those hills), but a great place to visit. In fact, I will be back here in just over a month on my west coast road trip. Speaking of the road trip, I hope to post regularly on the trip, but things don't always work so well when you are traveling. But for the curious (namely my mother and probably a few aunts), here is my very tentative schedule for the next few months. May 29 - June 14 - last two weeks in Belize. I still need to do my pack out and say goodbye, etc. It will undoubtedly fly by quickly. June 15 - 21 - home leave in Arizona with my family, probably split between Phoenix and fountain hills. May try to sneak in a day trip to visit a college friend in Tucson. June 22 - 26 - Las Vegas. For mothers day I got my mom and me tickets to see Garth Brooks in concert. Then on Sunday, I am entering one of the preliminary events for the world series of poker. The tournament will last up to 3 days and using last year as a baseline will pay out around 250,000 for first prize. June 26 - July 20 - road trip. The current itinerary is very loose, but has a few set dates and locations. I will first head to San Diego and Tijuana. Then, I will pick up my friend Sam in Los Angeles. He will spend two weeks on the road with me. We hope to spend the fourth of July back here in San Francisco. We will drive up the coast at whatever pace suits us. Must sees on the list include Seattle, the redwoods, and Astoria, Oregon (where The Goonies was filmed). When we reach Seattle, we will turn west to the mountains and come south through the Rockies. July 22- fly to dc for pol/Econ training. July 28- fly back to Omaha for cousins wedding. Should be a busy few months. Also, I typed this on my iPad, so please ignore the typos.

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