Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hong Kong

Hong Kong was absolutely amazing.  A few things stood out about the trip:

  • Hong Kong is truly a city of levels.  Despite walking almost everywhere, we were rarely at street level.  We were either walking below ground, or a few stories above ground.  Public paths often went through the lobbies of private buildings.  Escalators and elevators were everywhere.
  • The city wasn't nearly as "Asian" as I expected.  Not sure what I was looking for, but I was surprised at how Western everything was.  Specifically, everyone dressed in Western and American styles - people even wore shorts.  The city was modern.  No bikes or tuk-tuks on the roads.  All in all, just a very modern Western city.
  • Lots of green in the city as well.  Surprising how many parks there were in such a crowded city.  But, we walked through quite a few of these parks and most of them had an aviary or small zoo or botanical garden.  All very nice places for a stroll.

These trees - with the roots growing everywhere - were all over HK

The harbor at night was gorgeous with all of the dazzling lights 
Love the ominous clouds

Gorgeous boat in the harbour

View of the city from the 50th floor 
Occupy Hong Kong - tents were there, but no people.

Hong Kong is famous for its double-decker trams

Hong Kong at night

We went to Ocean Park - an amusement park built on top of a mountain the falls into the sea.  AWESOME.

Ocean Park was also half-zoo, with cute little red Pandas

and awesome Giant Pandas
World's 2nd largest sitting Buddha

View from the cable car ride to Sitting Buddha

Riding the world's longest escalator (although it was really a series of escalators)

Bamboo scaffolding

Hong Kong wet market - featuring live fish

Enjoying a liter of beer with Aaron

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