Sunday, October 2, 2011

Congratulations Katie

I've been looking forward to October 1 for weeks now.  It was jam-packed.  Nebraska's first Big Ten game against the Wisconsin Badgers - possibly the biggest game of the year.  The first ever Scavenger Hash, which I was "setting."  Rotary's annual Wine and Cheese fundraiser, one of the biggest social events of the year in Belmopan.  It was my little sister's 25th birthday.  And last week, the St. Louis Cardinals had completed a miracle comeback to win the wild card and would start the MLB post season on Saturday.

So, I had been looking forward to this day for a while.  But though some of the things I was looking forward to were awesome (the Scavenger Hash) and some were not (the Huskers game), the biggest news came from my little sister.  At just after midnight on her 25th birthday, her boyfriend Paul proposed to her and she said yes.

Congratulations Katie and Paul
Katie and Paul in San Pedro

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  1. Thanks bro! I should have seen this earlier but somehow missed it.