Friday, July 22, 2011


So, the past couple of weeks have been rough at work.  Starting at the beginning of July, I rotated back to the visa section.  The transition hasn't exactly been smooth.  I am not going to air all my grievances out here because (a) it would be unprofessional, (b) it wouldn't accomplish anything, and (c) I don't know who at the Embassy reads this.

What bothers me the most about this is not the situation itself, but how it has been effecting me.  I have been finding myself increasingly frustrated about issues that don't really matter.  I am becoming petty and complaining about things that would normally roll off my back.  I have honestly prided myself in the past on ignoring office politics and just doing my job, but I can't seem to find that inner peace here.  Moreover, it has nothing to do with the job.  I still really enjoy almost every part of my job.

Going forward, I am striving to just focus on the job and let the other issues resolve themselves.  I need to refrain from continually trying to find solutions for problems when it is not my job to solve it.  Let's call it a mid-year's resolution.

Today, I also found out where several friends are getting posted for their second tour.  I have one good friend going to Kathmandu, Nepal.  In fact, two people from my A-100 class will be there after one person from my class did her first tour there.  Imagine knowing 3 people who are living or will live in Kathmandu!  Others are headed for China, India, Pakistan (followed by The Hague) and Mexico.

The second group of summer bidders got their bid list yesterday.  Glancing through it, I had a bit of bid list envy as several fantastic posts jumped out at me, such as Croatia, Krakow, Poland, Maputo, Mozambique and many repeats from my list.  Two people will be joining me in Franfurt for Consular positions.  Considering that I will likely spend almost 3 years with these people (9 months in training and 2 years in Germany), I am hoping we get along.

Finally, I am headed to see Harry Potter in Mexico tomorrow.  I still can't believe I have to drive 3 hours and cross an international border to see a movie, but such is (my) life.  We're staying the night in Chetumal to get some good food and do some shopping.

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  1. I hear you on visa frustration-- I spent most of my 14 months in NIV easily frustrated and feeling generally isolated from my non-NIV colleagues...I work in a section with five ELOs: three line officers, one IV chief, and one ACS chief...and the office dynamic quickly turned into (miserable) line officers vs. the ELOs with actual responsibilities...