Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Jack

Today was the Deputy Chief of Mission's birthday.  One of the great things about being at such a small post is that I consider Jack and his wife Linda to be friends.  We hang out in the same group.  Jack, aka "Up the Cric" is an avid hasher.  I've been to dinner at their house and they came to my birthday BBQ.  So, this weekend I headed down with a group of friends to celebrate Jack's 65th birthday.

The birthday party was being held at Villa Verano in the resort village of Hopkins.  This Villa was absolutely fantastic.  It was three floors of luxurious living.  Marble and granite every where.  Ornate hardwood tables.  Fancy showers, monogrammed towels, and ornate sinks in the bathrooms.  A fantastic pool on the beach.  I do not say this lightly when I say that Villa Verano is the nicest place I have ever stayed.*  We had a fantastic weekend eating great food and relaxing by the pool.
Beth and Kevin on the rooftop

The pool and the beach

My shower and bathtub - I love the granite on the back

The coolest fan ever.  These blades rotated around as if on a spit
which was controlled by a bicycle chain.

The downstairs great room with view of the pool

The other view of the great room

The downstairs kitchen (about half the size of the upstairs kitchen).
*The villa wasn't all that expensive either.  For ten total rooms, we paid BZ$3,000 or US$1,500.  That broke down to $150 per room.  We had 20 adults and 6 kids and could easily have fit in quite a few more in.

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