Saturday, November 6, 2010

Red Dress Run

I've mentioned the Hash several times on this blog.  Today was one of the biggest events of the year - the red dress run.  The story of the Red Dress Run comes from a Hash in California (there are Hashes all over the world).  Some hasher invited a woman to join him for the Hash without explaining it to her.  Not knowing that it was a running club, she arrived to the Hash in a red dress.  Not daunted by the constant ridicule from the other Hashers, she went on the run anyway.  The next Hash a few guys wore red dresses to commemorate her zeal and a tradition was born.  Now, Hashes across the world have an annual Red Dress Run - often to raise money for charities.
"Wrong Way" went for the strapless dress

Do you have your tickers?  To the Gun Show - "One Stroke", "Granny Banger", "Wrong Way" and "Visa Molester"

"Lamb Chop" took a different approach to the dress requirement.

Does this dress make me look fat?  "Cockspur Squaw" and "Visa Molester"

The circle of Red Dresses

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