Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My addiction

I am an addict.  They say the first step is admitting that you have a problem.  I have a problem.  I make decisions about my time and about my life based on this addiction.  This addiction has provided me great joy, but also great sorrow.  In order to feed my addiction, I have spent thousands of dollars.  I have avoided the company of others when I need a fix.  My addiction has led me to  miss out on SCUBA diving, snorkeling, hashes, Mayan ruins, caves, and BBQs.  My addiction is Nebraska football.

Honestly, I am really obsessed.  I have managed to watch more games than I ever thought possible this season - all thanks to being in a US time zone and having US television.  Next year, as Nebraska heads to the Big Ten, I am lobbying the local cable company to start carrying the Big Ten Network (I also found that a friend of mine has the network and I will likely be pestering him next year to watch games if I can't get it).

The best news is that I am headed to Dallas to meet my Dad to watch the Big 12 Championship game.  The Huskers (barring a horrible collapse the next two weeks) will be playing in the game for a chance to go to the Fiesta Bowl (unless a miracle happens and they make the National Championship game).  Either way, I actually own tickets to both since the game is in Phoenix where I will spend Christmas and New Years.

So, as much joy and pain the Huskers bring me during the season, nothing will compare to the utter depression that begins every January after they play the last game of the season.

Go Big Red.

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