Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Guest Bedroom is Now Available

  • I have now been in Belize for three and a half months.  During that time, I have had my Mom here for a week, my cousins for three days, the interns lived here for a month and my sister just left after spending two weeks here.  It has been really nice having guests.  This house is really too big for just one person and a dog.  But, as of now, I have no guests scheduled to arrive anytime in the future. 
  • September is a big month here in Belize.  The anniversary of the Battle of St. George's Caye, where the English defeated the Spanish to maintain control over Belize, is on September 10.  September 21 is the 29th anniversary of their Independence.  Both days are national holidays.
  • One of the most intriguing things for me is to see how patriotic the Belizeans are during this month.  You see flags everywhere.  You also see red, white, and blue banners.  There are parades and performances.  I know it shouldn't surprise me - but I think this is the first non-American place I have lived that showed this type of patriotism.  In Italy, I never really saw the Italian flag except during the World Cup.  I didn't spend as much time in Ireland or Spain, but I didn't see anywhere near this type of patriotic display in those countries.  It's very refreshing.
  • I hosted a poker party at my house last night.  On one hand, I turned a straight flush.  I won the tournament.  I am awesome.

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