Thursday, September 2, 2010

Acting like Children

Today was one our friend's birthdays. An Italian married to a Brazilian diplomat, D is always the life of the party.    He is a playful child in a gangly, grown man's body.  He is a true class clown.  And when M and E sent out invitations for a surprise birthday party earlier this week, over 30 people turned out for the festivities.

This was the third party I went to at M and E's house.  They have a great covered patio and the pull out all the stops.  There is food, drink, more drink, party favors, noise makers, party hats, a pinata, cake. And, at this party, there was even a clown.  Yes, a clown.  There is something surreal about seeing the American and Brazilian Ambassadors wearing party hats and playing games with a clown.

So, my colleagues in Paris may have the Louvre and Brazil may have their beaches and Japan its temples, but we have clowns and pinatas.

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