Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Little Things

You know the old expression, "You don't know what you're missing until it's gone."  I have found that to be especially true here in Belize.  None of these are super important, but they are all a bit annoying.

  1. Paved roads.  We have made it a habit in the US of complaining about road construction.  Widening of roads, patching roads, building new roads, painting lines on roads.  We complain about these things, but most people (like myself 4 months ago) never think about what would happen without all that construction.  The roads range from okay (paved, two lane highways with some potholes) to bad (roads paved several years ago with no upkeep, many potholes) to worse (never paved, but good dirt roads with pot holes) to God-awful (stone roads where there aren't really potholes, so much as you drive in the potholes with big stones in your way).  I swear that I will not complain about road construction in the US ever again.
  2. Radio.  I've mentioned it before, but the radio here is just awful.  Its not just that they don't play good American music.  There are no stations where you can regularly get music.  Then, when the stations do play music, the DJs constantly interrupt it with their inane blathering.  I often will actually listen to the Christian radio station sometimes because it is actually playing music with a tune that is not being interrupted by the DJs.
  3. The little ties on bread wrappers.  Seriously, do you ever think about the clasps or twist ties that you use to keep your bread closed?  No.  That's because your bread comes with them.  Most of the bread here does not come with those.  I had to steal a bunch from my garbage bags and when I am done with a loaf of bread, I save the twist ties.
Like I said, it's the little things.


  1. Interesting, so the bread bags come sealed instead of opened on one end? Do they slice it for you? Or are they unfamiliar with the expression about the best thing since sliced bread?

  2. The bread is sliced and it either comes tied in a knot or taped together. Either way, you can't replicate how they closed it.

  3. Al, I know your new to the international men's club, but we don't use those pesky little twist ties, we fold the top underneath the loaf and let our wives complain about the reason we don't use those pesky little ties. Anyway the loaf is going to be molded in two days because they don't use preservatives and it's been 4 days in route to the store already.