Thursday, April 22, 2010

Holy Crap

I think today is the first day it hit me how quickly I am leaving.  Now, I leave the States until June 1, so that seems an appropriate amount of time away.  I have well over a month to do all the things I need to do.  But, there is the small matter of my vacation between now and then.  I am headed out to celebrate my sister's 30th birthday in Las Vegas, then spending some time with my family in Phoenix, possibly stop in LA to visit my cousin Bob and his wife Shannon (before they have their baby), head to Omaha to see some extended family (including my new born second cousin), stop in Nebraska City for my friend Kris's wedding (before he has his baby), and then back to DC for consultations and finalizing everything before I leave for Belize)

The 'oh crap' part of all of this is the number of things I have to do and number of things I have to buy before I leave for vacation.  The State Dept. pays for my housing in DC while I am in training.  If I take vacation, I am responsible for my housing costs (which seems fair).  So, in order to not be hit with over a thousand dollars in rent, I will be moving out of my apartment before I leave for vacation.  That means I have to pack out (again), buy all the things I plan to bring with me, including a new car(!), and finish Consular training in the next 3 weeks.

That does not seem like very much time.  So, I need to take deep breaths and get to work.


  1. That's exciting that the end of your time in DC is in sight. Busy days ahead!

  2. Congrats! It'll all happening so soon!

    Tomorrow someone from my class will find out they're going to Belmopan in June too. I'll be sure to direct whoever it is to your site...

  3. Alex,

    I already have spies in your class to tell me who is going to Belmopan. Considering I will be working with them for the next two years, I am almost as excited to find out who that is as I was for my own flag day - almost.