Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Con Gen

So, I've been spending the past few weeks in Consular Training.  For the most part, the class is informative, fast-paced, and not boring.  Compared to A-100, it is a lot more useful and productive training.  Especially, since this is the work that I am actually going to be doing.

We spent the first week learning about passports and nationality.  While we may think it is easy to determine who is and who isn't an American citizen, but there can be a lot of complex issues.  Sure, if you have a child in the US, it is simple.  And if you spend most of your life in the US, but have a child overseas, it is simple.  But, there are hundreds of different permutations of how people end up not being citizens.  It will be my job to decide who does and does not qualify as a citizen.

This week we have been working on immigrant visas.  We've learned all the rules about who can immigrate (fewer people than you think) and what classifications they get.  We're learning the letters and numbers that define all these things.  We're learning about interviewing techniques.

After this, we move on to non-immigrant visas, fraud, and other American Citizen Services.

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