Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Recap of 2019 goals

Here is a summary of my 2019 goals and how I did. 

2019 goals:

  • Exercise
    • Work out 2+ times/week✅
    • Finish Cherry Blossom 10 miler✅
    • Bike 200 miles (cumulative)✅
    • Lose 2-3 lbs/month (24-36 total lbs).🚫
    • ➡️ Ran the Cherry Blossom race in April. We got a Peloton in June and I have been using it every week. Sadly, despite the exercise, I yo yoed and haven’t really lost the weight I hoped. Working on weight watchers to start the new year. 
  • Personal
    • Attend Church weekly and volunteer with church✅
    • Volunteer with AFS❌
    • Read 6 books➡️5️⃣
    • No TV Tuesday❌
    • Make local friends❌
    • Hang all pictures/art on wall by March 1❌
    • ➡️ We found a great church community and have really enjoyed getting involved in the community. But, we still haven’t found good strong adult local friends. Read five books, but didn’t get to six. And we hung most of the wall art, but not everything. 
  • Travel/Entertainment
    • Visit 3 new places (city, state, or country)✅
    • Spend 21 days with my Dad and/or Sara's mom✅
    • Go on an adults-only trip with Sara✅
    • Attend two college/pro football games✅
    • Attend two concerts/shows❌
    • Watch at least two sunrises and two sunsets✅
    • ➡️ Visited Bern, Ankara, Seaside, FL, College Station, TX, and New Orleans for the first time. Had long visits with both of our parents, plus a couple of short visits. Sara and I went on two adults only trips to College Station and New Orleans this fall. Attended my first Aggie game with Sara and a Husker game with my Dad. Did not get to any concerts this year. 
  • Political
    • Volunteer for a presidential campaign❌
    • Attend two or more political rallies❌
    • ➡️ While I have been very politically engaged this year, I did not volunteer with a campaign or go to two rallies. 
  • Professional
    • Work Goal #1 - not stated on public blog✅
    • Get a top 3 choice assignment during bidding❌
    • ➡️ Really proud of our effort to achieve work goal #1.
    • ➡️ Bidding was a cluster this year. Had the impression that we would get one of our top 5 bids, and then we’re surprised with choice #15.  We are headed to Guadalajara Mexico in September 2021. 
  • Financial
    • Pay off student loans✅
    • Pay off credit cards❌
    • Re-build savings❌
    • ➡️ Still waiting on final word, but looks like I will get my student loans forgiven through the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. About a year later than I hoped. The shutdown raised our credit card debt, so we haven’t fully paid it off, but should be good in 2020. 

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