Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Recap of 2018 goals

A recap of last year's goals.

  • Support Sara in her search for a new job in America
    • Sara got a new job and I think I was supportive.
  • ·         Find a house and childcare that works for our family and our budget
    • The stress of finding childcare and housing from abroad was more excruciating than I expected, but in the end we found an option that worked for us.  We love our boys' daycare and it is only 10 minutes from our house.  Our rented townhouse has its foibles (the front door is 100 yards and 3 flights of stairs away from our parking spot and this has been the rainiest year in DC history), but it fits our family.
  • ·         Pay off my student loans (with help from Public Service Loan Forgiveness)
    • I submitted my application for Public Service Loan Forgiveness in November and in December, I joined the thousands of others who were denied PSLF.  The initial review stated I owed another 3-4 years' worth of payment and I almost cried.  My case is undergoing a manual review (said review has been pending since May) and the number of payments owed will likely drop to 3-6.  
    • The PSLF system is a model of bureaucratic inefficiency..  
  • ·         Visit 3 new countries and 1 new state (ND, WI, MI, MS, ME, VT, CT, AK, AR, RI)
    • Visited Egypt, Oman (New), Thailand (New), UAE, England, Texas, Arizona, California, and Michigan (NEW) this year.  So fell, one new country short of goal.
  • ·         Attend at least two college/pro football games
    • Attended Nebraska vs. Michigan football game in Ann Arbor, but didn't make it to any others.
  • ·         Attend at least two concerts
    • Saw 'Hamilton' with Sara for our anniversary and it was awesome.  Had tickets to see Ed Sheeren, but had to cancel.
  • ·         Weigh under 200 lbs at the end of the year
    • Massive fail.  Gained 15 lbs and am up to 235.
  • ·         Spend at least 21 days with my dad or Sara’s mom.
    • We more than met this goal this year.  My Dad visited Saudi in February and we met him in England in June.  We visited Arizona in August (🔥) and in December.
    • Sara's mom visited Saudi in February.  Sara and the boys spent the summer in San Antonio and I was there in June and July.  She has visited DC twice since we moved.
  • ·         Complete a race of at least 10k/6 miles (I thought about making this a half-marathon, but I don’t think I can pull that off this year with the timing of our move).
    • Utter fail.  Signed up for the Cherry Blossom 10 mile in April.
  •          Go desert camping/glamping and see the stars
    • We went desert camping.  It left a little bit to be desired.
  • ·         Watch at least two sunrises and two sunsets
    • The world remains beautiful at dusk and dawn
  • ·         Join an organization or board or volunteer with a group when I return to US
    • I recently started the process to volunteer with AFS, but not yet done anything.
     Learn to juggle 


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