Friday, February 6, 2015

Morocco in pictures

Last weekend, I traveled to Marrakesh, Morocco with four friends for a long weekend. Great trip and a fantastic weekend.  A few photos.

Food stalls at Jemma El Fnaa

Herb shop we visited - lots of spices and homeopathic products

Mini-tajines used for sauces and condiments

Tajine chicken - the ubiquitous dish of Morocco

First ever camel ride

Waterfall in Ourike Valley

This truck apparently forgot to set its parking break and went into the river the day before we were there.

Full moon in Marrakesh

This spa may want to change its name


Tanning factory

This graffiti was all over Marrakesh

There were cats everywhere

The Bidi Palace had dozens of rooms with beautiful mosaic tiles

Bidi palace

Bidi Palace - they used to be shorter.

The Bahia Palace once was the most beautiful palace in Africa.  Now, mostly in ruins.

Natalie practicing yoga poses in ancient ruins.  It's kind of her thing.

My best attempt

Rent-a-car in the main square

Jemma El Fna at sunset

Jemma el fna at sunset

Camel selfie

Lunch along the river valley

I hiked up to this same waterfall 9 years ago
9 years (and 50 lbs) ago

The whole valley is full of these restaurants along the riverbed.  This was one of the nicer ones.

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