Monday, April 1, 2013

Date Night

About a week ago, I told Sara I wanted to take her out for a special date night.  I would do all the planning and all she had to do was show up.  There was no particularly special reason for the romantic evening.  I ran through a few possibilities, but finally settled on starting the evening with a cruise up the Potomac River from Alexandria to Georgetown.

The logistics of this resulted in Sara receiving a few odd instructions for the night.  We would leave from my house in a cab at 5:00 in the evening.  She should wear "something nice", but with comfortable shoes and a warm jacket.  When she arrived, we got into the cab and I handed him a piece of paper with the location written on it in order to keep the plans a secret a little while longer.  The best way to get from my apartment to the Alexandria Harbor is taking the GW Parkway, which requires us to go through the airport.  As we took the airport exit, Sara turned to me wide-eyed and asked, "Are we going to the airport?  Are we flying somewhere?"  I immediately laughed and told her my plans weren't quite that elaborate.  The river cruise was quite lovely, but unfortunately the Cherry Blossoms had not bloomed yet.
My tie would not cooperate the whole evening

After disembarking in Georgetown, we had a few drinks while watching the sun set from the Georgetown waterfront.  After drinks, we made our way up the hill towards M St.  I made reservations at a lovely romantic Italian restaurant.  They seated us in a quiet corner overlooking the street.  The food was fantastic, the wine was delicious, and we even had a violinist serenade us.  We held the table for close to three hours, just talking and enjoying our time together.

Next week is the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler.  I am both looking forward to it and dreading it horribly.  Meanwhile, here are my stats.

Weight - 237 lbs (down 48 lbs).
Pant size - 38x 29 (Advantage of dropping below a 40 in the waist is that they make 29 length, which is a more accurate size.
Longest run without stopping: 32:54 (My long runs generally go for a total of about an hour, but they include periods of running and walking, so I have not yet bested my longest time in the last 5K)
Longest run: 10 miles (I ran ten miles last weekend with a friend in prep for the Cherry Blossom race)

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