Thursday, January 31, 2013


For Christmas, my girlfriend Sara got us tickets to go see the band Fun. in concert at DAR Constitutional Hall.  (yes, the capital F and period are officially part of the band name).  Fun.'s album, "Some Nights" was my anthem this summer on my road trip.  Over the thirty day trip, I think I listened to title track over one hundred times.  I often associate music with specific times in my life and that album will always remind me of home leave 2012.  So, getting these tickets as a Christmas present was truly awesome.

The venue is a few blocks away from the White House, so Sara made us reservations for dinner at BLT Steak.  When I got to the restaurant, there were two secret service agents outside, patting down patrons before they could enter.  Of course, I wanted to ask who was inside, but I forced myself to be D.C. cool and pretend that nothing was going on.

Our dinner was fabulous.  I had an amazing filet mignon.  I think the best part of the meal, however, may have been the giant popovers they brought out before our meal, which just melted in my mouth.  As we ate our dinner, it became clear that the VIP was already in the private dining room.  Sadly, we had to leave for the concert before catching a glimpse of the VIP.  According to Twitter, Michelle Obama was eating about 15 yards away from me.

The concert was pretty freaking awesome.  I have always loved concerts.  Back in the day, when my Mom would take me to a Don Henley concert, I would likely be the youngest person in the crowd.  That was clearly not the case here.  I didn't exactly feel old, but I certainly didn't feel young.  When you go to a concert with so many teenage girls, does it say good things about their taste in music or bad things about mine?  As the band only has about two albums (both of which I've listened to repeatedly over the 6 months), they played almost all of their songs.  The set was a bit short - I would have liked them to expand some of the songs live or do a few covers - and they had the crowd sing back to them a bit too much, but it was all in all a great show.  One cool feature was their light show.  All of the lights were LED lights - first time I have seen that in a show.  It really enhances what they can do and adds to the concert.

After the show, Sara and I strolled past the White House to find a cab.  Pretty much a perfect night.

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