Friday, November 9, 2012


One of my favorite categories on Jeopardy is "Potpourri", where they have five questions on random topics with no commonality.  So, here are five things that have been going on with me.

  • I took my first German progress test yesterday and I got a 1+/1+.  For comparison's sake, I lived in Italy three different times for a total of 18 months and got a 1+/1+ when I took the test a few years ago.  So, apparently 10 weeks of intensive German = 18 months of living in Italy.
  • Frankenstorm Sandy didn't do much damage here in the DC area.  The apartment building across the street lost power for about 30 hours and I lost internet/cable for a day, but otherwise we got lucky.  The best part was that FSI lost power, so we got a third day off due to the storm.  A couple of friends and I went down to Mt. Vernon for the afternoon.  The estate is just amazing.  Gorgeous view of the Potomac.  A pretty cool place to visit and we practically had the place to ourselves, which made for a great day.
  • The following day, my German area studies class took a field trip to the Holocaust Museum.  I remember going to this museum 15 years ago when I came to DC with my family.  I remembered the museum as being very powerful.  I didn't get the same vibe this time, but I think that is only because I am now much more familiar and knowledgeable about the Holocaust.  I've visited Auschwitz and the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem.  I've read books and watched documentaries.  This familiarity, sadly, makes the museum less shocking and less powerful for today than when I was 15.  
  • Last Sunday, I went to see Wicked with a girl I've gone out with a few times.  I'd read the book a few years ago and I've wanted to see the musical for a while.  The show was fantastic - good music, great sets, and fantastic acting.  I especially love all of the nods to The Wizard of Oz story that we all know and love.  (Plus, as someone who believes that most people are generally 'good', I love stories that tell the POV of well-known antagonist.  I can't wait for the eventual book from Voldemort's POV).
  • Broke the 260 barrier and I am down to around 258.  Not sure if I will meet my goal of 250 by Katie's wedding, but I will get close.  Can't believe that she gets married in TWO weeks!

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