Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Kind of Town (sort of)

This weekend, I traveled to Chicago to visit my cousin Bob and go see the Nebraska at Northwestern game.  The best part about Nebraska joining the B1G Ten was being closer to away games.  Once I knew I would be back in the U.S. this fall, I began to plan which game(s) I would attend.  When my cousin Bob and his family moved to Chicago this spring, I knew Northwestern would be on the list.

Besides the game on Saturday, we mostly stayed in their neighborhood of Oak Park.  This area reminds me of everything I love about the Midwest.  The streets were filled with multi-story houses with yards, trees, a few fences, and lovely sidewalks full of strollers and kids riding bikes.  Colored leaves fell rapidly off the trees and families decorated the house for Halloween.  There are so many families in the neighborhood that Bob's neighbor told him they went through 1000 pieces of candy last year!
Isn't this a great house?

We started Saturday with breakfast at a local coffee shop and then headed out for the game in Evanston.  Since Shannon had to work all weekend, we were taking Lizzie to her first college football game.  Yes, at 17 months old.  She did amazingly well at the game.  She never threw a tantrum and didn't even squirm all that much.  During the most exciting parts of the game, with the crowd cheering, she looked around in awe and often clapped her little hands.  She stayed awake through the whole game until Nebraska took a one-point lead with two minutes left.  Then, before the kick-off, she passed out cold.  So, while her Dad and cousin Al sweated out the final 2 minutes of the game, she slept confidently in the Blackshirts.

After the game Saturday, we picked up some deep-dish pizza for dinner and made our way back home.  We spent the rest of the night watching football and reliving the Husker comeback.  On Sunday, we ate brunch and then took Lizzie to the park.  She liked the slide and the swings, but I think her favorite part was the "steering wheel" on the side of the bridge.

So, even though I barely entered Chicago, it was my kind of town.

My, what big eyes you have!

So adorable

Papa and Lizzie before the game

I tried to help Bob as much as I could with Lizzie.  I carried the diaper bag, carried her a few times,
fed her while Bob held her.  Pretty sure a number of people seeing us thought we were gay parents.

We may have let her play under the bleachers to keep her entertained. 
Popcorn bribery may have also occurred.

And she is out like a light as the Huskers take home the victory.

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