Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We love them the most

Six years ago, Mom and I drove from Arizona to Omaha on my way back to law school after visiting my family for Christmas.  A few hours into the trip, I hit a rock in the road and busted my wheel (not just the tire).  We hobbled around Gallup, New Mexico looking for a replacement wheel and tire.  During this time, Mom noticed that the diamond on her engagement/wedding ring was missing from its setting.  We tore apart my car looking for the diamond, but never found it.

Since then, Mom stopped wearing the ring.  Without the diamond, it looked odd and given their financial situation the last few years, they never even really looked into having it replaced.  A few months ago, Katie suggested replacing the diamond as gift from the kids for their 35th Anniversary.  Shelley and I both loved the idea and we recruited Dad into the scheme to help with the logistics.

On Saturday afternoon in Vegas, we all went to eat together at Caesars Palace.  Although their anniversary is not for another month, this was the last time we would all be together before then.  Katie found an amazing personalized card, which got Mom crying by itself.  When she saw the ring box, she looked at it perplexed before opening it.  Once open, she gasped and immediately put on the ring.  She loved the ring and I caught her staring at it several times during lunch.

The moment Mom realized what was in the box

Mom showing off her ring

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