Sunday, April 15, 2012

Good bye Luna

I've made a decision.  Although I have fallen in love with Luna in the past six months, I will not be able to take her with me when I leave Belize.  My apartment in DC will only allow for one pet.  I had hoped that I could get my parents or my sister to foster Luna for a year while I am in training, but that is just not feasible.  My parents are moving to Prescott and Katie is planning a wedding.  So, this past week I sent out a notice at the Embassy to see if anyone was interested in adopting her.  One of the locally employed staff in procurement has agreed to adopt her.  I am not exactly sure when she will move with them, but it should be in the next two weeks before I go back to the states for a fraternity reunion.

I'll miss you Luna.
The day I found Luna - bloodied after she was hit by the van

Creepy eyes and a camo cast

Whenever she sleeps, she tucks herself into the smallest balls

Luna exploring the Mayan ruins

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