Monday, November 7, 2011

Meet ????

Here is a picture of the puppy I rescued.  I am looking for name ideas - please put them in the comments.

Forgot to mention - the puppy is a girl.  On the ride back to Belmopan, when I was more worried about whether she would survive than whether she was a girl or a boy, I had a great boy name picked out.  One of the children injured in the accident was named Gibson.  I thought it was a great dog name - no offense to Gibson the human - and would be a good tribute to how I got her, but I already have one dog with a pseudo cross-gender name (Bailey is a male dog) that I've decided I can't go with Gibson.


  1. What a sweetie! Anything car related? - Crush, Crash, Turbo, Tuk Tuk, Karma - is there a patron saint of travel? Glad to hear she made it through the night!

  2. Dad says to call her Hope. I like the name Bella. What does Bailey think of her? Mom

  3. Got to call her Belle Lise, Belle for short. You're a good man.

  4. I think you should name her an old lady name. And definitely giver her a middle name (Gibson, of course). We named our old dog Gus Alfonzo.
    I'm thinking Bertha, LaRue, Betty, something like that.

    Although, I like Anonymous' suggestion of Lucky. That's pretty appropriate :)

  5. Its a nice thing your doing for that dog...most people would've kept driving. I think the name Bella is a good one.